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  1. Kobe's Lakers will crush Shaq's Heat
  2. I don't want to say Michael Vick is over-rated, but
  3. I never really watched baseball...
  4. Yankee Luck
  6. Bathurst
  7. Fact Or Fiction #6: The Red Sox will beat the Yanks in the ALCS
  8. Niners 0-16?
  9. NFL Week 5 Thoughts
  10. Seahawks first loss (Holller)
  12. Anybody with football clips...
  13. Former MvP in 1996, Ken Caminiti dead.
  14. A bit of "controversy" (I guess) related to Pat Tillman
  15. NFL Pick the Winners: Week 6
  16. Fact Or fiction #who cares: The Red Sox will come back and defeat the Yankees
  17. Bonds uses steriods.
  18. What annoys you in sports?
  20. CFL question
  21. Daunte Culpepper is pretty good at football
  22. Yes, that was Vel on National TV...
  23. So, the rumor is... (NFL)
  24. NFL Pick The Winners: Week 7
  25. I laugh at Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning
  26. Remember when...
  27. The New World Champions
  28. Last NFL Superbowl you looked forward to....?
  29. Boston HaHa
  30. Dear NHL owners, bring on the 'scabs'
  31. Hendrick airplane was on way to Martinsville race..
  32. God damn it
  33. STL didn't like their hotel...
  34. New Jets Stadium
  35. NFL Pick the Winners: Week 8
  36. Bad sportsmanship?
  37. Are the Cardinals out?
  38. Ugliest Professional Athlete's
  39. I would bang Rebecca Lobo
  40. The official MLB offseason thread!
  41. New President if the Packers win!
  42. Brett Favre is the Bret Hart of football
  43. How come nobody paints the endzones anymore
  44. Interesting story about John Franco (Met's reliever)
  45. Joe Dimaggio
  46. Week 8
  47. The AFC is nuts
  48. Where did all you Giants fans come from?
  49. Current NFL Playoff Scenerio (Continually updated)
  50. So which one was better?
  51. EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Keyshawn
  53. Max Kellerman's Brother Murdered
  54. I have lost all respect for Chad Pennington
  55. NFL Pick The Winners: Week 9
  56. Leftwich might be out for the season
  57. Gold glove winners
  58. Predict the BCS bowls!
  59. Turner Stevenson is a dick.
  60. TO crossing the line?
  61. Garciaparra willing to change positions??
  62. Wild's Zholtok dead at 31
  63. The Suns are wearing their colored unies at home
  64. Every time Terrell Owens talks, I want to stab him
  65. NCAA Hoops!
  66. Trash Talking in Sports
  67. Biggest Sports Rush
  68. Out of these teams
  69. Hey Dave...
  70. Question: How many teams in the USA actually play where they originally started
  71. Chad Pennington is out for 2-4 weeks
  72. Wannstedt to resign..
  73. Emlyn Hughes dies
  74. CLEMENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. NFL Pick the Winners Week 10
  76. Ron Artest is the biggest idiot ever....hands down.
  77. Shocker in the baseball world today...
  78. Does anyone have an idea...
  79. Stephen Davis most likely done for season (and possibly for career)
  80. Black & Gold Appreciation
  81. LOL Damn there was an Olympia Sports commerical about Manny airing all season
  82. For the Yank's
  83. NFL Week 10 (I think?) Topic
  84. Browns lockerroom pre-game
  85. Peyton Manning is sick.
  86. ELIIII
  87. Bonds wins NL MVP for 4th Straight Year
  88. Why are they called the "Cleveland Browns"
  89. You've been SACKED!
  90. VLADY wins AL MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. LOL
  92. TO and Desperate Housewives
  93. NFL Pick the Winners Week 11
  94. Bo Jackson was the man.
  95. Anybody watching Pacers-Pistons?
  96. Dumbass Detroit Fans
  97. O-H-I-O
  98. NFL Week 11 Topic
  99. So when the Colts go to Detroit this thursday...
  100. Neon Shuffle
  101. What are you thankful for? ( sports thanksgiving)
  102. What sports teams' games usually air for you?
  103. chances of me
  104. Fantasy Football (Yahoo, ESPN, who cares)
  105. Ricky Williams Reinstated?
  106. A GOOD basketball related story from Friday...
  107. NFL Pick The Winners Week 12
  108. NFL Week 12 Topic
  110. Which is more impressive to you?
  111. ND fires football coach.
  112. Rocky Balboa vs. Mike Tyson
  113. Remember when Brett Favre was addicted to pain killers
  114. Whoooooo The Knicks
  115. NFL Pick The Winners Week 13 (WITH ANNOUNCEMENT)
  116. Heisman Race
  117. NCAA is ridiculous
  118. Giambi apparently used steroids
  119. BREAKING NEWS: NHLPA and the NHL to meet next week for negotiations
  120. Bonds and Steroids(It was inevitable)
  121. Roids...
  122. Amir Khan is the tits
  123. Biggest choke city in sports
  124. WOW, some NFL rules suck.
  125. The Davis Cup
  126. Maybe the MLB can learn from the NFL.
  127. NFL Week 13 Topic
  128. Man I hate Peyton Manning....but
  129. MLB Not Likely to Punish Steroid Users
  130. ***BREAKING NEWS*** Beltran signs with Brewers
  131. Heisman Trophy Poll
  132. #2
  133. Biggest Fraud in the NFL
  134. Jimmy V.
  135. NFL Pick The Winners Week 14
  136. Can someone explain this to me...
  137. Nike Team National
  138. Harrison to resigns with Colts. James next?
  139. Shutup about the Colts Defense already..
  140. Brad May and Friends
  141. I hate Reggie Miller and I hate his stupid face
  142. Lazio has to play their next game in an empty stadium
  143. What are the most exciting playoffs?
  144. Week 14 Topic
  145. NFL Footballers sometimes have Black ink under their eyes...
  146. NFL Pick The Winners Week 15
  148. BCWWF
  149. That ad where the ref calls his wife
  150. NCAA Bowls
  151. Michael Vick - Making The Impossible Possible
  152. Terrell Owens out for season, playoffs
  153. Chadder vs. NY Media
  154. NFL Pick The Winners Week 16
  155. If the Pats beat the Jets Sunday, I have to use a Pats avatar
  156. Good news for Eagles fans!
  157. So Cheebs and you other hockey pucks out there...
  158. Jermain O'neal's suspension cut to 15 games.
  159. Pro Bowl
  160. Michael Vick Resigns with Falcons
  161. Jermaine O'Neal's appeal upheld
  162. NFL Week 16
  163. Mike Tice - the NFLs worst coach?
  164. Kobe Bryant heel turn?
  165. KOBE
  166. R.I.P. Reggie White
  167. Congradulations Peyton Manning.
  168. Chad Hutchinson is the ugliest human being on earth
  169. What do you do if you're San Diego next year
  170. LMAO>>>....
  171. Handsomest professional athletes
  172. Cowboys' Darren Woodson expected to retire at the end of the season
  173. World Junior Hockey Championship
  174. The Spurs spanked the Suns.
  175. Hey Rectal Pertruder...
  176. Congrats to the U.S.A. world junior team
  177. Best NFL Defender of All Time
  178. Someone explain to me...
  179. NCAA Hoops
  180. NFL Pick The Winners Week 17
  181. BCWWF, Y2Ant, AlphaComedy
  182. Meet the proud owner of a new Ricky Williams Dolphins jersey
  183. If Chelsea won the Premier League title...
  184. NFL playoff discussin thread...
  185. World Cup 2006
  186. The Anaheim Angels will now be called
  187. San Francisco...
  188. 7 NBA players to donate $1000 per point scored to Tsunami relief...
  189. O Canada...
  190. NFL Pick The Winners Wild Card Playoffs
  192. Rams vs Seahawks
  193. Colts v.s Patriots : Its on!
  194. E-A-G-L-E-S vs. The Vikings
  195. Would the greatest show on turf, please stand up.
  196. Rams vs Falcons
  197. Moss' Touchdown Celebration
  198. The Real National Champions!
  199. NFL Pick The Winners: Divisional Playoffs
  201. John Abraham is a dickbag
  202. NFL Play of the Year - 2004/2005
  203. Best uniforms
  204. This weeks NFL predictions
  206. Ok for all you "football fans" [the real kind...not soccer]...
  207. What a stupid shit Matt Leinart is
  208. 'The Bad Guys Won'
  209. Patriots @ Steelers
  210. For the right to lose to the AFC Champion: Falcons @ Eagles
  211. Predict the NBA finals
  212. Whats next?
  213. Nervous Ferret told me to post this...
  214. NFL Pick The Winners: Conference Championships
  215. Reason for optimism now in the NHL..crosses fingers..
  216. Whats the deal with the Big 12?
  217. Clemens Back on the Astro's
  218. Moss wants a trade
  219. Eagles vs Falcons
  220. QUESTION - Will Terrell Owens be ready for the Super Bowl?
  221. What Patriots jersey should I get to wear to the Superbowl?
  222. For All the Marbles: New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles - Who will win?
  223. I've been a NFL fan since 88.
  224. WOOO! Cardinals are getting...
  225. Holy shit! Safin defeats Federer at the Australian Open!
  226. NFL Draft 2005
  227. You can't be a NY sports fan...
  228. Rodney Harrison > Freddie Mitchell
  229. 2005 NFL Cap Figures....
  230. What do midseason rankings mean to you?
  231. What Jersey should I get to wear at the pro-bowl
  232. Emmit Smith retires
  233. NHL season
  234. NFL Pick the Winners: Superbowl
  235. NBA All Star Game
  236. The Official 2004-2005 Superbowl Thread--New England vs. Philadelphia
  237. E A G L E S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. well the patriots win again by 3 yawn nobody actually really cares.
  239. A very very weird sports bet
  240. NFL Dynasty....
  241. What was the best NFL game of the year
  242. Hakeem Olaujawon's mosque that he funded supposedly gave money to terrorists
  243. Hey Rain Man...
  244. Norm Chow leaves USC
  245. NHL makes compromise offer
  246. Jason Whitlock is a moron.
  247. I forgive you Jason
  248. Yankees/Team Chemistry
  249. One on One, Who Would Win?
  250. Flip Saunders Fired