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  1. Mixed Rap CDs
  2. funny music story
  3. Happy Birthday, Mister Sorkin
  4. nelly furtado's new image sucks
  5. Cross-Dressing Children
  6. The most perfect film in history
  7. what will be the biggest songs of this summer?
  8. who likes techno?
  9. another rant by shock&aw...er um KillerWolf
  10. Joe Rogan's scuffle on Fearfactor
  11. Okay, what the hell is up with all the Asian remakes?
  12. Name me some guitarists
  13. Best Concert(s) You've Been To
  14. How's This For A Thread Title---> Any HIM/Backstreet Boys fans out there?
  15. So I finally watched Bloodrayne...
  16. New Stone Coyotes Record includes "Ace of Spades": cover.
  17. AFI's 100 Years 100 Cheers
  18. Wanna fight Uwe Boll? Now's your chance!
  19. Dog Bites Man is fucking hilarious
  20. Don't know if this has been done... Find 100 movie titles...
  21. Crazy Experimental Music
  22. The Official 2006 Emmys Thread
  23. DMB Tonight
  24. YYEESS!!! New Beavis & Butthead DVD
  25. Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2006
  26. Running Scared
  27. The "Camera Phone" Song = 20 steps backwards for hip-hop
  28. Law & Order
  29. Head to Head #1
  30. Anyone going to Warped tour this summer?
  31. Paul McCartney is 64 today
  32. Do you believe this?
  33. The new Celebritty Deathmatch
  34. K, this has been driving me crazy for ages (Rammstein fans, your help is needed)
  35. Anyone else hate that goddamn Wendy's commercial?
  36. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  37. Good night driving music
  38. Protest The Hero
  39. How gay is Superman?
  40. Click
  41. NEW Futurama episodes. No, really. It's not just Billy West making stuff up this time
  42. Think Tom Petty's gonna sue?
  43. Some anime suggestions.
  44. Go on and flaunt it HAH what your mama gave you HAH
  45. movie reviews
  46. Street Fighter: The Movie
  47. Born to Run 30th Anniversary Edition Boxset
  48. The BET Awards
  49. anybody scratch
  50. New Keane album
  51. UFC Nicknames
  52. Punk Music
  53. Léon
  54. Superman Returns (spoilers)
  55. When you listen to music...
  56. Most Annoying, Shouldn't BE Celebrities
  57. thoughts on The Black Eyed Peas
  58. G&R vs. Velvet Revolver
  59. saddest thign ever
  60. Fantastic 4 2? INCONCEIVABLE!
  61. Charlie Sheen is the greatest
  62. Wacky Deli
  63. Head to Head #2: "Making Your Bed rock" or, "Attempting Re-Entry".
  64. Songs you're not afraid to say you bought
  65. American V: Lost Highways
  66. So I bought satellite radio because other radio sucks..
  67. Chamillionaire
  68. Official Spider-man 3 teaser
  69. Official Spider-man 3 teaser
  70. Ice-T To Produce Hasselhoff Rap Album
  71. Facing New York
  72. Cursive - "Happy Hollow"
  73. Eddie, the dog from ‘Frasier,’ dies
  74. Blade: The Series
  75. Find Me Guilty
  76. Captain Jack and Morgan set sail
  77. Robert Schimmel : Unprotected
  78. HBO has severly limited what I watch on TV
  79. Lindsay Lohan...as a magical girl? It's about to happen
  80. Best in Show is Friggen Amazing
  81. Syd Barrett shines on
  82. The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album (Sufjan Stevens)
  83. Looking for songs with heavy violin influences
  84. Delete
  85. So i listened to metal for the first time in like 2 years...
  86. Rocky Balboa trailer
  87. Chiodos
  88. Pimp my Optimus Prime??
  91. The new Muse album is un-fucking-natural
  92. The Amazing Screw-On Head
  93. The Contender is back
  94. Creed wasn't that bad.
  95. New York Shit...the song
  96. Seinfeld Trivia Thread
  97. Clerks 2 Discussion/Spoilers (UNCUT Trailer Inside!!)
  98. Hogan Knows Best
  99. ROFL Kevin Smith vs. Joel Siegel
  100. Cinema Annoyances
  101. The Lightning Seeds
  102. Joker casting news-Heath Ledger offered the role
  103. Popular movies you didn't see until way later.
  104. I gotta make a choice
  105. COWABUNGA!!! TMNT trailer in HD & Quicktime Glory!!!
  106. Batman? Wolverine? Ziggy Stardust? The Prestige trailer in HD!
  107. Another videogame to get a movie.
  108. M. Night Shyamalan returns.
  109. ComicCon News: TRANSFORMERS Announcement! The Voice Of Optimus Prime Is...
  110. Blind Melon is easily one of the most underappreciated bands ever
  111. Venom
  112. List three of your favorite songs ever for me to download
  113. Teaser Poster For Abrams' STAR TREK Relaunch Revealed!!
  114. SPIDEY 3 character posters from Comic-Con: MJ! Gwen! Harry! Sandman!!
  115. Man-Thing
  116. Who does the song in the Standoff ad?
  117. TV shows: The Un-explained ...or plot holes
  118. Dr. Weird and steve
  119. Comic-Con: Jon Favreau's IRON MAN poster!!!
  120. A Better Look At The SDCC Exclusive TRANSFORMERS Teaser Posters!!
  121. Thankyou for smoking
  122. Favorite Song Game
  123. Pathfinder..
  124. Live Video Of My Band
  125. Monster House..
  126. Your favorite SNL skits of all time.
  127. Going to see Testament tonight
  128. I'm just going to whore out an artist I like
  129. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  130. Summer Shows Rule
  131. Dunno, just got a pretty big kick out of this (for Kevin Smith fans)
  132. "I'm Gay"
  133. Another Mr. Bean movie.
  134. Bootleg mpeg of Venom from camera phone..
  135. This is the most spectacularly awful thing I have ever seen. I GIVE YOU GUNTHER!!!
  136. Mallrats Brings Back Childhood Memories
  137. Movies that nobody knows about
  138. 'New' Marvel Films
  139. Movie Soundtracks
  140. The Departed.
  141. Paedophile movie
  143. Favorite Chappelle Show?
  144. Mel Gibson gets drunk, Mel Gibson speaks...
  145. The Official Music Q&A Thread
  146. Moneen - The Red Tree
  147. Most underrated band
  148. Casting already underway with Favreau's IRON MAN film? Juicy rumor here...
  149. TOOL UK Dates
  150. WOOOHOOO Just bought tickets to see this.
  151. Evanescence-Call Me When You're Sober
  152. Stephen Colbert gets banned from Wikipedia
  153. Tenacious D in: The Pick Of Destiny
  154. The Marine (John Cena Movie)---Trailer Up
  155. Biggie Smalls Murder Case Reopened..
  156. The Descent
  157. Rob Schneider won't work with Mel Gibson.
  158. Top bands of your generation.
  159. People need to listen to the lyrics...
  160. Psych...
  161. ATTN: Parrotheads
  162. Movies to watch while high on Marijuana (Cannabis sativa)
  163. Whoa, I had no idea....Rob Zombie is doing a remake of Halloween
  164. Random Band I found out about
  165. lyrics
  166. stick your mp3 player on shuffle mode
  167. The End of Non Phixion
  168. Favorite movie about "The Hood"
  169. The Grude 2
  170. The Wire
  171. Who are the gods of music?
  172. He inspired Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Pete Townshend...
  173. Why is Christina Aguilera allowed to release music?
  174. The Best and Worst comedies that you have seen
  175. The New World
  176. IMDB Vote History
  177. good instramental songs
  178. Robbie Williams' new song...
  179. Lucky Louie
  180. (I know it's not the same, but....) GUNS N FUCKING ROSES!!!!!!
  181. The Mars Volta - Amputechture
  182. Woodstock
  183. Covers you like better than the original.
  184. Who was the most famous movie star (iyo) that was born and died, got married...
  185. Wikiality ( IN Colbert we Trust)
  186. Official 'Ultimate Fighter 4' Thread *SPOILERS*
  187. Run Away Train
  188. Kelly Clarkson takes the stage with Metal Skool
  189. MP3 of the Week
  190. Best Slow Song
  191. New Kasabian album comin'
  192. Your favorite album cover
  193. LMAO Walt Becker and Don Fagen are a couple of crazy fucks
  194. Krull is fucking awesome
  195. Accepted
  196. A Change Of Pace - Prepare The Masses
  197. Anybody want some Creamy Clapton goodness?
  198. Talladega Nights
  199. Bands you've gone back to recently
  200. At The Drive-In
  201. Gnarls Barkley: Smiley Faces
  202. I'm going to be in a music video.
  203. Happy Song Of The Moment
  204. My Name is Earl...
  205. YOUR Top 3 Movies of ALL TIME
  206. Rescue Me
  207. Must See TV
  208. Happy Feet
  209. Bootlegged movies
  210. Crank to feature Saw scene....
  211. Scary Movie 4
  212. For those of you who play an instrument or instruments
  213. Army of Anyone
  214. So did anyone else know the story about Roman Polanski...
  215. I need some work out music, gimme ideas plz
  216. Return of Dr. Octagon??
  217. StarGate SG1 is not being renewed by 'Space'
  218. Some sad news
  219. Severance
  220. Boston Legal
  221. From League to Legion (New DC 'Toon)
  222. Meat Loaf - It's All Coming Back To Me
  223. WORST Seinfeld Episode
  224. How's this for a fucked up press release?
  225. What song do you own the most covers of?
  226. LOST
  227. BEER FEST
  228. The Favorite Quotes From TV/Movies Thread
  229. Best Instumental Song
  230. Anyone heard about/got
  231. What season did The Simpsons begin to go downhill?
  232. Need Help Finding Bands Or Whatever They Are Called
  233. What album are you currently listening to?
  234. Have you heard that new 2 sicc song?
  235. Harsh Times
  236. The Illusionist
  237. Will anyone admit to liking Limp Bizkit?
  238. Steve Irwin dies
  239. Spider-Man 4?
  241. Dave Letterman OR Jay Leno
  242. Little Miss Sunshine
  243. Right one of you cunts better have Ian Brown - The Greatest
  244. Duke Special
  245. ANOTHER Live Video from my Band
  246. Evanescence-The Open Door
  247. Paul is Dead
  248. What instrument(s) would you like to be able to play?
  249. The Labyrinth
  250. The Song Of Your (Very Young) Youth